About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny Soriano.

I have a passion for facilitating children’s learning through a combination of inquiry-based activities, practical experiments, and virtual laboratory simulations with regular open-ended discussions and hands-on discovery projects.

I moved to Washington, D.C. in July 2016, joined a small catholic school to be their Middle School Science and STEM Coordinator and created this class page to document the activities and STEM projects that my students have undertaken.

I am currently training future superheroes at the Wesley School, here in sunny Los Angeles, California.

When I am not busy planning the next fun class activity, I spend most of my time with my loving and supportive husband, Michael.

Join me as I continue to mentor and prepare our younger generations for the rigors of high school science and mathematics.

~ Jenny

Contact Me
I love to collaborate with fun and open-minded people. Feel free to say hello!