About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny Soriano.

I have a passion for facilitating children’s learning through a combination of inquiry-based activities, practical experiments, and virtual laboratory simulations with regular open-ended discussions and hands-on discovery projects. I am also committed to continue improving and evolving as an educator so I can support my peers innovate their teaching strategies inside and outside the classroom. I maintained “Connecting Educators” as a platform to share resources and to provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded educators.

I have been in the education industry since 2002. I started as a Special Science Teacher at the Philippine Science High School (Southern Mindanao Campus). I moved overseas in 2008, to teach high school Physics at Ulink College of Shanghai and in 2015, I taught Physics and Middle School Science at Shanghai Singapore International School.

In July 2016, I joined St. Augustine Catholic School, a small catholic school to be their Middle School Science and STEM Coordinator. I created this class page to document the various class activities and hands-on projects that my students have worked on. I started an after-school club called STEM Design Studio, where my students created games using Scratch, designed 3D house models using Google SketchUp, and constructed motorized toy cars, to name a few. Our nascent STEM Program was able to help raise funds so that each classroom in the following school year will be equipped with sufficient materials and supplies for more project-based learning opportunities.

In 2017, I joined the Wesley School, in Los Angeles, California, as a Middle School Science and Math teacher. I was tasked to run the Middle School S.T.E.A.M. Program, where I was able to facilitate the various hands-on learning opportunities for students to work collaboratively with others, understand the ways that science, math, the arts, and technology work together, and to become increasingly curious about the world around them.

I am currently facilitating the Upper School Science program of St. Peter’s School in the Historic Philadelphia neighborhood of Society Hill. Check out some of my classes’ project highlights this year.

When I am not busy planning the next fun class activity, I spend most of my time with my loving and supportive husband, Michael, probably going on road trips.

Join me as I continue to mentor and prepare our younger generations for the rigors of high school science and mathematics.

~ Jenny


Samples of activities and events that I have organized and facilitated: