Shawarma Rama

North Caoxi Road
November 22, 2011

I have always love eating Shawarma or “lamb wrap” to many.

There is a nice Shawarma Stall near my place. Whenever I craved for one, I would just go to my tried and tested Shawarma place.

One day, I noticed that there is another Shawarma place near my bus stop. So, I figured, I might as well try it out since it is just on my way home.

Approaching the stall, mouth watering….

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But I had to pass the opportunity as I got a closer look….

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I fully understand the health and safety considerations that I put myself into whenever I eat street food. I know how to enjoy my food and I have standards, too. I did not plan on getting my seasoned meat filled Shawarma soaked with exhaust fan oil drippings. No, thank you.

Little Nolita

Nolita, Dagu Road
November 18, 2011

Gafor and I decided to try out an Italian Restaurant down at Dagu Road.

We got there around 6pm. Initially, it looked like the place was hosting an exclusive party. Well, it was, only at the first floor area but the second floor area was open. So, off we went and the wait staff brought us to our seats.

I ordered a Salmon Salad for appetizer while Gafor got himself some soup. For our main dish, Gafor got a Codfish dish with pumpkin paste and a hint of tangy lemon while I tried out the Tuna dish with some anchovies and tomato paste. (Note to self: Keep the name of the dish in mind next time for documentary purposes.)

We were served with complimentary slices of bread while waiting for our food.

And not for long, our food arrived. I was impressed. It was a very hearty proportion of steamed, fresh tuna coated with anchovies piled up one after the other in a neat, fancy presentation with tomato paste at its base.

Yummy, yum, yum!

Codfish in Pumpkin Paste

Tuna with Anchovies in Tomato Paste

I would definitely go back.