Saturday Night

It’s 11:30pm and I am still up. I was supposed to go out for coffee tonight but decided against it the last minute

I cooked pork sinigang for dinner with instant sinigang sa sampalok mix. It didn’t turn out as well as how my mom would have prepared it. I got the meat from the Jia De Li shop just around the block. I had dinner all by myself because my flatmate was out somewhere.

I busied myself reading online entertainment news articles. They never cease to amuse me even in my saddest moments. Somehow, these strange stories always continue to fascinate me even though I know that they are completely worthless and is just a waste of my time.

I should have started reading the books that I bought from home but as usual, I am procrastinating.

Oh well, this is how I spend my Saturday evening. Now, I have to go to bed, my eyes are a little tired and I will try to work on writing down stuffs more.

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