Buying Movie Tickets in Shanghai

January 31, 2012, Tuesday
Weining Lu Metro Line 2 Station

The first movie I get to watch in Shanghai was Toy Story 3, in 3D, at Yonghua Cinema, Grand Gateway. I paid 120RMB.

This is China. There must be a much more affordable way to watch a movie on a wide screen theater.

If you live in Shanghai, you have probably seen these ATM-looking booths in the Metro Stations. Well, this is your key in getting them, cheaper movie tickets.

This is the Easy Life booth. Indeed, it will make your life easier.
Follow this simple guide to get your movie tickets at a more affordable price (published rates at the cinema  are almost 3x more expensive). 
1. Select the “Film Strip” icon from the main screen.

I wanted to watch Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, this is what I picked.

2. Select your preferred dates from the options. You can book three days in advance. Then choose your movie from the selection.

3. Click the orange button at the bottom of the screen to view the list of cinemas showing the movie selected.

The closest cinema near my place is Tianshan Cinema however they only have MI4 in Chinese so I chose the movie cinema located in an area where I am familiar with (read: I know how to get there and there will be a slim chance of me getting lost finding it).

So, I picked the cinema that has Huai Hai 淮海 in it.

4. Select the cinema. It will show the address and which Metro Line and bus numbers to take to get there.

5. Pick the movie time schedule. Make sure to choose the time with 英语(English). Unless you want to watch it in Chinese. Good luck with that.

6. Pick your seats and then enter your mobile phone number to get your confirmation code. You need the confirmation code to get into the movie house. 

7. Then select the Unionpay card icon for mode of payment. Enter your card, enter your password and then Easy Life will print you a proof of purchase.

That’s it.

If you are up for more adventure. You can also use Easy Life to pay your utilities and recharge your Metro Card. It is very user-friendly, just follow the pictures.

According to this website, there are 86 movie theaters around Shanghai to choose from. If you want to try Easy Life, I suggest that you write down the name of your movie cinema in Chinese or familiarize the Chinese characters of the local areas that you visit frequently.

But of course, you can also find your regular list of movie theaters somewhere else.

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